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Panjang & Besar


A newsletter page can keep current members up-to-date and help introduce the practice to new patients. Here are examples of the type of information we might include in our newsletter.

Ask the Doctors

In this section, doctors from our practice will respond to your questions. For example:

Q: Why am I always tired?

A: Many Americans simply don't get enough sleep. If you are only getting five to six hours a night, you may tend to feel tired.


* We are delighted to bring on staff our new office assistant, Ann Smith. Ann has seven years of experience in the medical field and comes to us with the highest recommendations.

* Dr. Laurie Starr will be on leave for the month of April.

* Dr. Fred Darrow has an article entitled "What is Obesity?" in this month's New England Journal of Medicine.

Events and Seminars

* A Healthy You: April 12-14

* My Aching Back: May 10-12

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